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Committed ISTA donors

Peter Bertalanffy
Bertalanffy Foundation Building

“I liked the idea behind this research institute: the goal of bringing some of the best researchers from all over the world to Austria, the institute’s complete independence from all political and economic interests, and the professional exploitation of research results – I consider all of these to be important cornerstones of a world-class research institution.”

Klaus Pöttinger
Pöttinger Scholarships

“Austrians are proud of scientific and technical achievements of the past. The task of our generation is to offer the next generation the opportunity to develop the scientific and technical achievements of the future and thus to strengthen the pride in these achievements. That is why I have decided to support the PhD program at the IST Austria individually.”

Markus Reinhardt, NOMIS Foundation
NOMIS Grant for Professors Johannes Fink and Giorgios Katsaros

“The excellent scientific environment that ISTA offers to basic researchers is a major reason for our decision.”

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