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Cells – Building blocks of life

Small, smaller, cells. Cells are the smallest living thing on earth. No matter if they freely roam in water or if they join together to form plants or animals like us humans, it’s astonishing what they can do. For example, despite being so small, they can inflate balloons! Find out more in this week of Pop-up Science!

Activities for this week

DIY experiment – Inflating the balloon

How can you demonstrate that something is alive, if it’s too small to be seen? Try our balloon-trick and find out yourself, which conditions yeast cells like best.

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Science leaflet – Building blocks of life

Learn about the life of a bacterial cell and find out what these tiny being can do! Also, did you know, that you can hear cells?

Interview with a cell biologist

This week’s researcher Aglaja Kopf wants to find out how immunce cells move in the body. Learn why she used to be a demanding child, and which is the biggest cell on earth.

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