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FAQs for incoming scientists

How do I start the onboarding process?
In order to start the onboarding process the first step is to register at our application platform and provide all requested documents as soon as possible. Once you have submitted everything, our Graduate School Office or PostDoc Office will take care of the internal processes and follow up with you for the next steps. Typically, this process can take 2-4 weeks from the time you submit your documents.
I clicked on this link and cannot find the register entrance of incoming scientists. Could you tell me more details about this?
Did you copy and paste the link to your browser ? Please don’t click on the link – it’s a hidden page to avoid random applications.
I have to apply for a Visa. When can I do this?
You can apply for a Visa for Austria only when your contract has been issued and your onboarding completed as you’ll need those documents for application.
Can you help me with my Visa?
Please forward the email to the Graduate School Office (for interns and predoc visitors), Postdoctoral Office (postdocs and postdoc visitors) or to or to Vlad Cozac, our International Officer. Several internal processes have to be completed before you will be contacted in order to get the information you need to apply for the Visa. That is why it is so important to fill in the link at least 2 months before the actual start at ISTA, so that there is still enough time for the internal processes, drawing up a contract, registering with insurance companies and issuing the visa.
Since I have an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship, do I still need to go through this process? I already have a salary and budget to research and don't want to be hired.
Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to fill-in the form as we document all visitors on campus for legal reasons. That way we can also send you an agreement for so-called “Academic Visitors”.
I have not heard back for some time, is everything on track?
Before sending the contract there are some internal processes which have to be completed. This may take some time, typically 2 – 4 weeks.
Why does the link not work?
Try a different browser. Usually Firefox or Chrome work well. If this does not help, please empty the cache on your computer.

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