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Careers in Administration and Scientific Services

Careers in Administration and Scientific Services

Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) was founded with the goals of performing world-class basic research and training the next generation of scientific leaders. Setting examples in science and education, however, requires setting an example in science management, and the administration of ISTA strives for professionalism, efficiency and, above all, excellent support for science and scientists.

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Professional Fields

ISTA is a growing research institute with opportunities at every career stage! The administration and the scientific services units offer a wide range of positions for entry level to highly qualified candidates in the following areas


  • Academic Administration deals with the organization of academic life, ranging from faculty recruiting to grant management and graduate school organization
  • Business Administration deals in areas such as Finance, Human Resources and Communications to Technology Transfer and Project Management ensure smooth processes
  • Assistants to Professors support our faculty in all administrative and organizational tasks
  • Construction & Facility Management ensures the smooth operation of all facilities on campus with its engineers, architects, experienced electricians, HVAC specialists, control systems engineers, and many more.
  • IT provides full services, ranging from IT support to core infrastructure and software development

Technical Staff in Research Groups

  • Furthermore we offer interesting vacancies for research technicians, providing technical support in a specific field to one of our research groups (eg. in the field of laboratory management, software engineering etc).

Scientific Service Units (SSUs)

  • Imaging & Optics Facility
  • Electron Microscopy Facility
  • Library
  • Lab Support Facility incl. our Fish & Plant Facility
  • Nanofabrication Facility
  • Scientific Computing
  • Machine Shop
  • Preclinical Facility incl. our Animal House
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Find more information about Scientific Service Units here.

Career stages


ISTA is growing continuously and the IST Campus anticipates having around 1,200 employees by 2026. Due to this growth, numerous opportunities arise for contributing ideas and experience, developing processes, and supporting our scientists with high-quality standard services.

In order to meet those requirements, we are looking for

  • dedicated alumni, who are eager to learn and work on various topics with curiosity and motivation,
  • as well as experienced applicants who want to support the development of the Institute with their knowledge and expertise.

Interested in joining our team? Please find all open positions here.


Apprentices are trained at ISTA in the following professions:

  • Electrical engineering – Electricity and building technology:
    You help maintain the electrical infrastructure of our research institute.
  • Metal technology – Technician for machine tools:
    You support the manufacturing of various machine components and take part in the construction of prototypes for scientific uses.
  • Information technology – Engineering:
    You learn several computer applications of modern IT infrastructure and support users with all problems concerning computer systems.
  • Installation and building services engineering – Heating and ventilation engineering:
    You are in charge of the technical infrastructure of our research institute and gain state-of-the-art know-how.
  • Archive, Library and Information Assistant:
    You support high-ranking researchers from all over the world with their information and research needs.
  • Animal keeper:
    You take care of the laboratory animals (e.g. mice or fish) for our scientists.

Your attributes:

  • Punctuality and politeness
  • Team spirit and reliability
  • Good command of English and the willingness to improve
  • 9th grade completed positively
  • A thirst for knowledge and delight in learning

Top reasons for your apprenticeship at ISTA:

  • International environment and a cooperative atmosphere
  • Apprenticeship with A-levels (Matura)
  • Further education and language courses
  • Company benefits
  • Success bonuses

What does the application process look like?

At the beginning of the year (January/February) we start the application process for the upcoming fall apprenticeships. You can find all open apprenticeships at “open positions”.

After we have received your application, and have compared your documents with our open apprenticeship position requirements, you might be invited to a selection process at our Institute. This selection process consists of a first interview and an online test. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to get to know your prospective working space, team, and instructor.

If you are offered the position and accept it, you would start your apprenticeship at ISTA at the beginning of September.

You can find current apprenticeship positions as well as access to our online application form here.


Are you still in secondary school, or a university student, or have you just finished your education and want to gain exciting insights into the world of science at our Institute?

ISTA offers the following internships:

Summer internship (1-2 months)
The ideal time to apply is the beginning of each year (January/February). The internships are from June to September.

Internships (several months, depending on agreement)
Applications can be submitted all year round but are only assigned when needed, based on field of interest and demand. The duration and period of the internship are agreed on individually.

Examples of possible areas for internships:

  • Commercial area: e.g. Procurement, Accounting, Human Resources, Communication & Events
  • Technical area: e.g. Building Technology/Installation, Electrical Engineering, Laboratory Planning/Room Furnishing, Technical Facility Management
  • IT Support, System & Network Administration, Software Development
  • Animal care in our Fish Facility or Animal House

You can find current apprenticeship positions as well as access to our online application form here.

Work Experience Days for Pupils

Work Experience Days (usually January/February) allows you as a pupil to gain insight into the working world for two to five days. Therefore, it is necessary that your school concludes an agreement with ISTA.

Are you interested and motivated to experience the world of ISTA? Send the following documents to

  • Application form of your school for the Work Experience Days
  • Letter of motivation in which you describe why you would like to come to ISTA, the number of days and preferred hours each day, and in which area you would like to work.

How to get to ISTA
Find your way to us.

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