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March 29, 2019

Body height, BMI, disease risk & Co.

New eLife article on limitations of quantitative genetic methods in population research.

Professor Nick Barton, IST Austria

Population researchers have shown great interest in understanding genetic variation in the human population. Yet, it is not at all easy to disentangle the causes of complex traits such as height, body-mass index, or disease risk, even using well-established quantitative genetic methods.

These difficult and sensitive issues are discussed in a commentary by IST Professor and evolutionary biologist Nick Barton, Joachim Hermisson, University of Vienna, and Magnus Nordborg, Gregor-Mendel-Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, recently published in the open source journal eLife.


Nick Barton, Joachim Hermisson und Magnus Nordborg. 2019. Population Genetics: Why structure matters. eLife 2019;8:e45380.


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