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July 7, 2015

Brain-shaped sculpture at IST Austria

IST Austria features art object by Peter Kogler • Second “Art meets construction” installation on campus

Brain-shaped sculpture at IST Austria

IST Austria has a new sculpture on campus. The black aluminum and steel object erected on the lawn in front of the Raiffeisen Lecture Hall resembles the two hemispheres of the human brain. The Austrian multimedia artist Peter Kogler designed it as a universal metaphor, its intertwined form symbolizing research and information on the one hand and networked notions and communication on the other. Being a hybrid between art and furniture, the object can also be used for sitting and lounging. Besides Esther Stocker’s piece of art, the brain-shaped sculpture is the second installation on campus selected by the expert jury of the “Art meets construction” (“Kunst am Bau”) initiative and was finished last week.


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