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March 24, 2009

IST Austria presents the DVD of the movie “Eric Kandel – In Search of Memory”

his wonderful documentary on the life and the scientific achievements of our esteemed Board member Eric Kandel was a huge success in Austria’s art house cinemas and is now received with big interest in the USA. The Institute was honored to support the production and the premiere in May 2008. Now, the DVD edition gives us the opportunity to reach out to an even broader audience presenting IST Austria and our goals.

Eric Kandel and the Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Eric Kandel is closely connected to the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria). The Nobel Laureate (Medicine 2000) has served on the Board of Trustees since its formation in 2006. His advice is extremely valuable: Kandel follows developments with great intensity and supports the search committees and the administration staff with never-tiring fervour. 

In May 2008 Eric Kandel attended the premiere of the film „In Search of Memory“ (directed and produced by the German filmmaker Petra Seeger) in Vienna. Among the guests of honour was the Federal President of the Republic of Austria, Heinz Fischer. IST Austria supported the premiere and organised a number of public events. During his stay Kandel visited the Campus of IST Austria in Klosterneuburg, met 100 students from three Viennese elementary schools and gave a public lecture at the city hall of Vienna. 

Eric Kandel on IST Austria

“Austria is beautifully placed to combine intellectual developments in Eastern and in Western Europe. (IST Austria) is capable of recruiting the best scientists in Europe and perhaps in the world (…). (The Institute) has superb administrative leadership, it has excellent resources. It has the support of both the Lower Austrian government and the national government, it is in a superb position to do something really, really important.” 

“I expect from IST Austria the very best science. It is impossible to predict where science will go. This is the wonder of science. It goes in unexpected directions. But whatever they do (at the Institute) the only thing we demand of them is to be at the highest level.” 

“I feel privileged to participate with (the Institute) to help bring great science to Austria in general and to Vienna and its surrounding in particular.” 


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