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September 17, 2015

IST Austria welcomes new PhD students

36 students join Graduate School to pursue PhD studies • new students come from 21 countries

This Tuesday 36 new students from 21 countries started their PhD studies at IST Austria. They are the sixth intake of PhD students for the Graduate School Office, and were chosen from a pool of 1386 applications in a competitive selection process. The international atmosphere of the IST Austria campus is reflected in the nationalities of the new cohort, coming from 21 countries including, among others, Germany, Slovenia, France, Romania, Turkey, India, China, Indonesia, Brazil, and Argentina. All of the new PhD students will spend their first year doing interdisciplinary coursework and rotation projects before taking their qualifying exam and affiliating with a research group next summer.

Some statistics on the new cohort: Out of the 36 new PhD students, 16 (45%) are female, 3 (8%) hold bachelor’s degrees, and 9 (25%) come from Austria. 20 of the new PhD students are primarily interested in the life sciences (biology and neuroscience), 11 in the formal sciences (mathematics and computer science), and 5 in the physical sciences. Currently, there are 125 PhD students enrolled in the IST Austria Graduate School.


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