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November 13, 2019

Jiří Friml receives Czech “Neuron Award for Lifetime Contribution to Science”

Neuron Foundation honors plant biologist for lifelong research into plant hormone auxin.

Professor Jiří Friml receiving the Neuron Award on November 6, 2019
Professor Jiří Friml receiving the Neuron Award on November 6, 2019.
© Lukáš Bíba – NF Neuron

In its commitment to support science, the Czech Neuron Foundation has presented this year’s awards and financial premiums to eight internationally recognised scientists. The highest award—the Neuron Award for Lifetime Contribution to Science—went to IST Austria professor and plant biologist of Czech origin Jiří Friml. He received the prestigious national prize worth around €80,000 for his research into plant development, in particular the function of the plant hormone auxin. According to the Neuron Foundation, his work is “a key contribution to an understanding of why, under certain conditions, plants are more flexible and resilient than humans.” Friml’s work contributes to the efforts of increasing the efficiency of crop yield as well as the improvement of their nutrition quality.

Professor Friml: “Receiving the Neuron award is very special to me. As it is a Czech award, it is great to know that my colleagues at home appreciate me and my group’s work. I feel that it is also a distinction to the whole fantastic plant research community in Czech Republic, which we share many fruitful collaborations with.”

Watch the corresponding video on YouTube

The Neuron Foundation interviewed Jiří Friml about his research (video in Czech only).
© NF Neuron

The Neuron Awards are prestigious scientific awards given to the best Czech scientists. Each award is associated with a personal financial premium; in the ten years of the Foundation’s operation the patrons have donated a total of CZK 66 million (ca. €2.6 million) to Czech science. The world-class quality of the laureates is guaranteed by an international scientific committee that participates in the selection of awardees.


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