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November 25, 2013

Kristof Huszar receives György Oláh Hungarian Mathematical Talent Prize

PhD student Kristof Huszar awarded “György Oláh Hungarian Mathematical Talent Prize”.

Last Friday, PhD student Kristof Huszar was awarded the “György Oláh Hungarian Mathematical Talent Prize” in the opening ceremony of the “Nagy Károly Mathematical Students’ Meeting” in Komárno, Slovakia. Established by mathematics teachers István Keszegh, József Mészáros, Mária Oláh, and journalist-writer Péter Tarics this year, the prize honors the influential work of the remarkable Hungarian mathematics teacher György Oláh. The annual conference, first organized in 1991, was held November 22-24, hosting more than 150 Hungarian high school students, and 30-40 speakers from the Carpathian basin. Kristof Huszar, who received an OMV scholarship from IST Austria, was an invited speaker at the conference, talking about “Mathematics of Knots and Links”.


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