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April 25, 2017

“March for Science” successfully held in Vienna

Numerous IST Austria employees participated in demonstration

Science, not Silence! With the current political climate in the US and Europe giving cause for concern, over 1,600 people were taking to the Vienna streets last Saturday to send a strong message of support for freedom and openness in science and against anti-democratic and anti-scientific tendencies. Many IST Austria employees also joined the march to raise their voices against alternative facts and lies, and in support of enlightenment and freedom in science.

The “Vienna March for Science” was just one of more than 500 demonstrations in numerous cities all over the world. The initiative was aimed against the falsification of facts and defamation of scientists for ideological purposes. Whereas post-truth society threatens not only science, but also the basis of democracy, research and evidence-based thinking will continue to guarantee the constructive development of society.

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