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April 26, 2012

MP Andrea Kuntzl visits IST Austria

MP Andrea Kuntzl visits IST Austria

Today, IST Austria welcomed Mag. Kuntzl, Member of the Austrian Parliament and spokesperson for science for the SPÖ, and Dr. August Reschreiter at IST Austria.  President Thomas Henzinger, together with Arnold Schmidt, Vice-chair of the Scientific Board, and Managing Director Gerald Murauer, presented the development and organization of IST Austria. The presentation was followed by a tour of the IST Austria campus during which Mag. Kuntzl met with PhD students and postdocs from IST Austria. Assistant Professor Michael Sixt, a cell biologist, showed the visitors around the laboratory, where he studies cell movement and the forces involved in cell motility. Mag. Kuntzl was particularly impressed by the meeting with the students Magdalena Steinrück and Tom Ellis, as well as the postdocs Verena Ruprecht and Stefan Wieser. 


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