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June 27, 2013

New donor for IST Austria scholarship program

Steven Heinz donates € 120’000 • President Thomas Henzinger thanks for the support of the educational mission of IST Austria

Today, President Thomas Henzinger announced a new donor of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria). Steven Heinz, Austrian co-founder of the investment company Lansdowne Partners and Managing Director of Lansdowne Partners Austria GmbH, will donate € 120’000 over a period of three years for IST Austria’s scholarship program. Within this framework a jury consisting of IST Austria postdocs identifies two especially promising doctoral students who will be part of the scholarship program supported by Steven Heinz. The Heinz Scholars will embark on their studies in this year’s class of IST Austria’s graduate school starting September.  

While the support of basic research as a long-term investment in a knowledge-based society is one important aspect, Heinz emphasized that with his donation he also intended to set an example for establishing philanthropy as important source for education and for promoting excellence in all fields in Austria and Europe.  

Henzinger in his statement stressed the significance of this donation: “The education of doctoral students is one of the core missions of IST Austria. I am proud that the generous contribution by Steven Heinz highlights the educational mission of the Institute through the support of our scholarship program. I am grateful to the donor for his trust in the quality of our education and research. Donations like this one are given with the mutual understanding that there are no obligations towards the donor. Nevertheless, we fully appreciate the responsibility that comes with this donation for attracting outstanding doctoral students, training them to become world-class researchers, and disseminating their science.”  

As of the academic year 2012/2013, 56 doctoral students from 21 countries are enrolled at IST Austria’s graduate school. Since 2009 IST Austria has acquired € 17.5 million in donations.


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