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July 20, 2011

Series of prestigious awards for IST Austria

Three new ERC grants and a number of other prestigious, generously funded awards raise the total research funds awarded to IST Austria so far to € 16 mio • Eight of 20 IST professors now funded by the ERC • More than 90% of research funding from sources outside Austria

With the recent decisions by the European Research Council (ERC) to award three ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grants to professors at IST Austria, the young research institute takes another important step towards establishing a center of scientific excellence. The transfer of a fourth ERC Grant to a newly hired professor raises the number of IST professors funded by the ERC to 8. A number of additional prestigious awards and international grants for members of the IST faculty confirm the quality of the recruitment processes and of the progress at IST Austria.

President Thomas Henzinger: “This is excellent news. The notifications come at an important stage of the development of IST Austria. The grants and awards clearly indicate the growing recognition of the Institute in the global scientific community. They not only constitute very welcome financial contributions but confirm the strategy behind the Institute’s establishment.”

This recent grants and awards raise the total of research funds allocated by IST scientists since 2009 to € 16 mio. More than 90% of this amount come from funding sources outside of Austria.


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