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How plants grow – and dance?

For many animals and all humans, plants are vital. They provide us with food and air to breathe. However, do you know how plants function at all? How do they produce oxygen and how do fruits become so delicious? How can one tree become gigantic, while another stays small for its entire lifetime? This week, we will take a closer look into the fascinating world of plants–and we’ll show you how plants dance. Pretty funky!

Activities for this week

Where does cress grow best?

Today, our junior researchers, Eva and Elisabeth, are in the lab again. They are investigating whether cress seeds grow better in sparkling water, coke, or tap water. What do you think works best?

In order to make it easier for you to start experimenting, we have created a worksheet for you to fill in your research question and list the things you need for your experiment. Have fun researching!

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Plant scientists Christina Arnter

Today, you had the opportunity to ask Christina Arnter all you ever wanted to know about plants. You have sent us many questions, and here are now all the answers from plant expert Christina. Christina is part of the Benková research group at IST Austria, where she studies development of plants.

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The plant maze

Today, our do-it-yourself scientists Magdalena and Veronika investigate whether plants can see. Therefore, they are building a labyrinth which the plant must find its way through to reach the light. In our video and instruction, we are showing you how you can build your own plant maze.

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A journey into a plant root

Today, we are presenting you a very special video of a former IST Austria scientist, Daniel von Wangenheim. Daniel used different microscopes to take us on a journey into the root of a plant called mouse-ear cress. First, we see how tiny seedlings develop roots. Then, Daniels zooms in further into one of very many fine root hairs where we see how proteins are transporting material, which the plant needs to grow, along vesicles.

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Introduction to the topic

Did you know that the tallest tree in the world is higher than the Vienna City Hall? That tree would probably be perfect for a huge treehouse! Here, we have collected some more exciting facts for you. Can you answer all the questions?

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