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Whether you’re a fan of Elsa or not, ice is fun. Find out why some things change quite a bit when it gets really, really cold in this week of Pop-up Science. From cups of water to quantum computers, there is a lot to discover, especially in the third episode of Supergscheit!

Activities for this week

DIY Experiment – Taking temperature with food colorant

For measuring temperature you need a thermometer. Or do you? Take the temperature-challenge with water, a timer and a drop of food colorant.

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Science leaflet – Frozen!

When it gets cold, everything slows down. But why is that? What happens, when things get so cold that everything just stops moving? And what makes a quantum computer so special? Find out in the science leaflet and discover another DIY experiment.

Interview with a quantum physicist

What does a quantum computer actually look like? And why should you worry about your electricity bill if you plan to have one at home? IST Austria quantum physicist Daniel Jirovec has the answers. He also reveals whether the extreme cold around a quantum computer is dangerous.

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